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R.K. Dickson is Associate Professor of Fine Art at Wilson College in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. His primary teaching responsibilities are in photography, printmaking and art history with interests the tension between representation and abstraction as well as the varied roles of in women in art. Originally from Silver Spring, Maryland, he worked as a geologist and in environmental science in Denver for 25 years.

   He studied printmaking with E.C. Cunningham for six years at Metropolitan State College and received an MFA in Printmaking from Wichita State University in 2002. He continues in printmaking using intaglio, relief, and lithography as he explores the interaction of surface, space, and gesture.

   In photography Dickson uses a formalist style of traditional B&W film-based photography and has participated in workshops with Ansel Adams, John Sexton, and Paul Caponigro. He uses a formalist style of traditional B&W film-based photography. Dickson’s 2017 sabbatical project Photography: Equivalence and Creativity included nearly 10,000 miles of travel and over 1,100 large-format images.

   In 2019 he is changing the Wilson College printmaking shop to an array of non-toxic techniques and is working with photographs from a 2018 trip to New Mexico.

    He has lived in Chambersburg for over 16 years.

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